Via Corporate Wellness Magazine:

There are several types of distractions relating to smartphones which negatively influences and interrupts the focus of many employees.  We have all been there- our smartphone screen lights up, vibrates or rings that is initiated from an incoming phone call, text message, or social media notification.  This directly contributes to the distractions that exist which impacts the concentration level of an employee.  It is close to impossible for an individual to ignore any notification, pointless or important, when he or she is in the workplace.  It takes a lot of self-control to ignore notifications that do not require immediate attention. Employees can easily become preoccupied with personal conversations via texting or social media.  It often will take more time for the employee to regain focus to continue his or her work related tasks.

Research proves that it is easier to tune out a two-way conversation or another employee talking on the business phone compared to personal conversations conducted on smartphones. There was a scientific study done by the researchers at the University of San Diego testing the effects of smartphone vs. actual conversations (Walton, 2013).  Veronica Galvan, who was a lead researcher in the experiment, states that smartphone conversations are more distracting to people than hearing a two-way conversation.  In this generation, every employee owns a smartphone therefore this suggests that there are more distractions in the workplace today compared to earlier generations.